Ziyue Pan

Junior year student at the Singapore University of Technology and Design


About me

Hi there! I am Ziyue, an aspiring aerospace/embedded systems engineer and geospatial data nerd with a computer engineering background. I am currently in my junior year of my Engineering and Product Development (Computer Engineering specialization) degree in SUTD and I love working on anything that has to do with embedded hardware, electronics, radio frequency and software.


My work experience includes a brief stint as an app developer when I just finished middle school, at buUuk Pte. Ltd, a Singaporean mobile app development firm. During my polytechnic education, I had the opportunity to intern at two research institutions at Nanyang Technological University, namely the Satellite Research Centre and Earth Observatory of Singapore, in which I developed software for space operations and cloud-based data science pipeline respectively.


With the invaluable help of my mentors in both my middle school and polytechnic, I picked up several aspects of computing in my spare time in middle school including mobile and web app development, and Linux sysadmin.

Other than software, I have developed competencies in CAD electronic hardware design and layout during my middle school education. I further picked up embedded system programming such as on AVR microcontrollers. Creating a custom version of the Arduino: the SSTuino in Singapore Polytechnic and a multi-parameter COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) air quality sensor during middle school were 2 of the dozens of hardware projects I designed and fabricated.

At my current college, I have further honed my skills in mechanical design and fabrication, and am qualified in FDM/SLA/Polyjet 3D printing, laser cutting, stick welding and small-scale CNC routers at my college’s Fablab.